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At work. At the lake. At a restaurant. At home. With Deposit Anywhere, you can remotely deposit your cheque into your personal account pack – anytime day or night, anywhere you have an Internet connection – using the Synergy CU Mobile App (available on Apple® and Android™ devices).

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"You can easily deposit your cheque anywhere you have Internet connection."
- With Deposit Anywhere, you can deposit your cheques into your personal SmartPack or personal PowerPack account without needing to visit a branch or ATM.
- You can deposit your cheques anytime of the day or night (anywhere you have Internet connection). It's quick, easy and secure...just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Synergy CU Mobile App on your Apple or Android device.
  2. Tap the 'Deposit' icon.
  3. Select your personal SmartPack or PowerPack account.
  4. Enter the cheque amount.
  5. Snap a photo of the front and the back of your cheque.
  6. Confirm the details.
  7. Tap 'Submit'.
  8. We recommend having a method to keep track of the cheques after you have made a deposit (see below).

To easily keep track of cheques deposited using Deposit Anywhere:

  1. Write "deposited" on the back of your cheque.
  2. Keep the cheque in a safe and secure place for 90 days. We may need to contact you just in case (i.e. if the cheque image was too blurry, etc.).
  3. Safely destroy these cheques within 120 days.

Please note: an Internet connection is required so data charges may apply with your cell phone provider if you are not on a free Wi-Fi connection.

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"You can deposit cheques into your account – anytime day or night."
- Available 24 hours a day/7 days a week anywhere you have Internet connection.

"You don't need to travel to a branch or an ATM to deposit your cheque."
- There is a standard one (1) day hold on all cheques deposited through Deposit Anywhere. The cheque amount deposited will appear immediately within your balance in online banking, and the funds will be accessible in as little as one day.
- For more information on your specific hold days, you can visit your nearest Synergy branch or give us a call at 1-866-825-3301.

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"You can deposit a variety of cheques using the convenient Deposit Anywhere feature."
- You can use Deposit Anywhere to deposit the following:

  • Canadian dollar cheque
  • Money Order
  • Canadian dollar bank draft
  • Convenience cheque
  • Certified cheque
    (none of the above items can be post-dated)

- The following items will be rejected and not processed:

  • U.S. dollar cheque
  • Non-Canadian dollar cheque
  • Returned item
  • Savings bond

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"You can rest assured your financial information is protected."
- The Synergy CU Mobile App has the same level of security as MemberDirect® Online Banking.

  • Login is password protected and authenticated
  • You can set up Financial and Fraud Alerts for added security and peace of mind in MemberDirect Online Banking
  • Ensure your device software and app version is up-to-date

Additional Information:

- There is a maximum deposit limit of $5,000 per cheque for personal PowerPack accounts and $3,000 per cheque for personal SmartPack accounts.

- To use the Synergy CU Mobile App, you will need to be setup with MemberDirect® Online Banking. Not signed up? Sign up now.

- If you're already signed up for MemberDirect Online Banking, you can download the Synergy CU Mobile App available on the App Store or the Google Play Store.

- Have questions about Deposit Anywhere? Visit our frequently asked questions page.

Who might benefit from this product/service?

- Members with a personal PowerPack or personal SmartPack account who would like to save time by not needing to travel to deposit their cheques.

- Members with the personal PowerPack or personal SmartPack account pack who would like to deposit a cheque outside of branch hours.

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