Additional Services

Convenient, accessible and secure. Synergy's additional services can save you time and help you make life just a little simpler.

Safety Deposit Boxes

Protect your valuables in a safe, secure and professional environment. More

Bank Drafts

A secure cheque that is perfect for sending larger payments. More

Night Depository Services

A safe drop-off box for your deposits. More

Estate Planning Services

Estate planning isn't just for wealthy people. Everyone should have a plan in place to ensure financial matters are resolved quickly and expertly, losing as few funds as possible to taxation. More

Personal Insurance Planning

Credential Financial Strategies offers an selection of insurance services and products. We'll help you create an integrated Personal Insurance Plan to suit your needs. More

Customize Your Statements

Do you want to receive all of your statements in one envelope instead of five? We have great news - you can customize your statements to be linked so we receive some together and some separate or have them all come together as a package. It's up to you! More