Synergy Shares Program

Our credit union was started in 1943 based on the concept that, by working together, a group of people can build something bigger and better for themselves and others. This idea still defines us. We believe our role as a local financial institution goes way beyond just banking – we actively seek local community collaboration and engagement efforts, which contribute to building prosperous, viable and sustainable communities for us all to enjoy.

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We have invested in community capital projects that make a difference. This funding has helped to renovate fire halls, purchase health care equipment, fund tools to advance education and promote economic development. Our staff members are also passionate volunteers, and we encourage and support their everyday acts of kindness. We've also engaged in fun, interactive financial literacy programs about budgeting, savings, debt and much more. By getting involved, we're making our community a better place for our friends, neighbours and ourselves. After all, investing in our local communities and people creates a positive ripple effect – socially and economically.
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The Synergy Shares Committee will consider applications for projects that benefit communities we serve and meets one of the following priorities:

  • Enhance community value; projects that reach community wide and will sustain, improve and grow the communities Synergy has a presence in
  • Support financial wellness, including scholarships and financial literacy programs
  • Projects and programs that sustain and improve healthcare
  • Projects that support local initiatives within the community

The following generally would not be considered for funding:

  • Organizations that discriminate against religion, race, culture, gender & lifestyle
  • Funding for operating expenses
  • For-profit organizations
  • Unregistered organizations
  • Political organizations and campaigns
  • Advocacy or lobbying organizations
  • Religious group, events or projects
  • Individual pursuits
  • Travel funding and/or team funding
  • Private foundations
  • Multiple contributions to the same organization in the same fiscal year

Levels of Funding

Level 1
  • $5,000 and less.
  • allow a timeline of up to one (1) month for collaboration between Synergy Credit Union and you, the applicant.
Level 2
  • $5,001 to $25,000.
  • allow a timeline of up to three (3) months for collaboration between Synergy Credit Union and you, the applicant.
Level 3
  • $25,001 to $99,999.
  • allow a timeline of up to six (6) months for collaboration between Synergy Credit Union and you, the applicant.
Level 4
  • $100,000 or greater - please contact us

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